Error: Amount must be unique - when adding a new description to an attribute from a constituent record

When adding a new table entry or attribute description from a constituent record, users may see the following message.

Error: Amount must be unique

This error can occur when the Attribute table was not created by going to Config> Attributes. If a table was created directly from Config> Tables, then linked to the Attribute, the table entries all are required to have a 'Minimum Value.' 
To resolve, re-create the attribute by creating a new table for the attribute from Config> Attributes rather than Config>Tables, and re-enter the attribute descriptions/table entries.
  1. Go to Config> Tables
  2. Highlight the appropriate table and click Delete
  3. Go to Config> Attributes
  4. Highlight the appropriate attribute row
  5. Right-click, and choose Delete Row
  6. Click Yes to delete the row
  7. Exit and Sign Out of The Raiser's Edge and back in again
  8. Re-enter the Attribute:
  • Enter the Attribute Description
  • In the Data Type column, select Table from the drop-down list
  • In the Table Name column, scroll to the bottom and select [Add New Table]
  • In the Add New Table screen, enter the table's name in the Name field and click OK
  1. Go to Config> Tables to enter the Attribute Descriptions into the newly created table
  • Highlight the table created in Step 7
  • Click New Table Entry to add each new value

Note: Table entries may then also be added on the Attributes tab of the constituent record.

Steps to Duplicate

1. On a constituent record, select the Attributes tab
2. Choose the desired attribute category
3. In the Description field, type in a new table entry
4. Error occurs

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