A dedicated server means that only Blackbaud software is running on the given server.

Refer to the system requirements for all three products for the hardware requirements. Please consult a qualified IT professional to help determine your hardware requirements.


Some reasons to consider a dedicated server include, but are not limited to:

  • Better Performance - Our software will not have to contend for resources with other programs. Performance would be dependent on many factors, including system hardware and server processing loads.
  • Stability - Fewer conflicts can occur since other software packages are not installing and using files on the server.
  • Ease of Use - Database maintenance or server reboots will not affect any other software packages running on the same server.
  • Security - Access to the server can be restricted to only Blackbaud users.

Also refer to Can multiple Web products share the same Web Server?. This information is a supplement to our system requirements, your primary information source when purchasing new hardware and installing or upgrading third-party software. We do not test all third-party products with our software. We consider our access to each product, its usage by our customers, and the most current release when we plan our testing.