Use the Common tab of the Format Editor to set properties like suppress, horizontal alignment, and keep object together, for a desired field.


Select this check box if you want to suppress the selected field. The field values won't appear on the Preview tab, nor will they print.

Horizontal Alignment

This list contains the horizontal alignment types available for the field (for example, left, center, and right).

Keep Object together

Select this check box if you want to keep all the objects from a given section together on the same page. If there is enough room to keep them on the current page, the program will print them on the current page. If there is not enough room, the program will print them on the next page.


    Note: If you have objects that are larger than a page, this property will not work.
    Close border on page break

    If an object has a border and the object is split over two pages, you have two options: put a border around each part of the split object, or display each part of the object with a partial border. Select this check box to display a full border.

    Can Grow

    This check box is useful for objects that contain variable length strings, such as memo fields.

    • Select this check box if you want the program to expand the object frame vertically when the text within the object is larger than the frame.
    • Clear this check box to truncate the data when the value is larger than the frame.
      Note: By default, the Can Grow option is off.

      Max number of lines
      If you have selected the Can Grow check box, you can use this box to specify the maximum number of lines by which the program can expand an object frame. Simply enter the desired number of lines into this box or enter a 0 (zero) if you do not want to set a limit.

      Tool Tip Text

      You can add Tool Tip text for the selected field by clicking the Format Formula Editor button and entering text within quotation marks. Tool Tip text appears when you leave the mouse pointer over a field for a few seconds.



        Note: Show Tool Tips in Preview must be selected on the Options dialog box in order for Tool Tips to appear on the Preview tab.

        Text Rotation

        This list contains the rotation options available for the selected field. Use the Text Rotation options to vertically align the fields and text-based objects on the report.

        Suppress if duplicated

        Select this check box if you don't want the program to print field values that are duplicated when it prints the report.

        Suppress Embedded Field Blank Lines

        Select this check box if you want the program to avoid printing blank fields ?that is, fields for which the database returns no information. This option prevents blank lines from appearing in the report when some fields are empty.
        For information on the Format Editor, refer to What is the Format Editor in Crystal Reports? (BB125198).