This dialog box appears when selecting the Subtotal command from the Insert menu or when right-clicking a number or currency field and selecting Insert, Subtotal.

Use the Insert Subtotal dialog box to set the conditions for printing a subtotal.

  • The Specified Order tab appears when selecting the In specified order option
  • The Others Tab appears when adding a new Named Group


This list contains the fields and formulas being used in the report. Click the list to see its contents and select the field to use for subtotaling.

Sort Order

This list contains four sort direction options. The default is in ascending order. To change the sort direction, click the box to reveal the options and select from the list.

    Note: The lists that appear in this area of the Common tab differ depending on the date type of the field selected. For example, a Date field contains a list of choices for grouping by time periods (each week, each month, and so on).
    Keep group together

    Select this check box to keep groups from being split across a page. This forces groups to stay together. If there is enough room to keep them on the current page, Crystal Reports prints them on the current page. If there is not enough room, it prints them on the next page.

    Repeat group header on each new page

    Select this check box to print a new group header at the top of each page if a group is spread over several pages. Otherwise, a group header prints only at the beginning of the group.