Create a parameter file that includes Project Description, which shows the Account Distribution on the next line of the report:
    1. In General Ledger Administration, click Post
    2. On the Other Blackbaud Systems tab, make sure Post Parameters are set as <Define Post Parameters>
    3. On the Regular Batches tab select the batches to be posted and click Process Now.*
    4. Open the Post parameters and select the Format tab
    5. Select Always ask for a parameter file or Always use this parameter file
      Note: Always ask for a parameter file will prompt you to make a selection each time you post. Always use this parameter file will automatically set a default parameter file.
    6. Click on the binoculars and click Add New
    7. Select the Format tab and highlight Detail
    8. Mark the Show Distribution for these characteristics checkbox
    9. Mark the Project Description checkbox to also see the project description
    10. Unmark the Show characteristic as a column in the main report body checkbox
    11. Select File, Save from the menu bar and enter a name for the parameter file
    12. Click Save
    13. Use the parameter file to print the Batch Validation report

    Note: Including the project description does not include the account description unless there is at least one more option selected. If the option to Show distribution for these characteristics is marked, but no options are selected, the account description is displayed.

    *Note: If after selecting process now you are not prompted to open a post parameter, the options need to be changed.
    1. Go to Tools and select Options
    2. Select the Records Tab and select Post Options
    3. Change the drop-down from Use the default Post Report Parameters to Always ask for a parameter file
    4. Click OK