1. In Records, Invoices, open the Invoice.
  2.  Select the Line Items tab.  
  3. Highlight the Line Item to change and click Open.
  4. Select Transaction, New Adjustment from the menu bar. Note: If the Invoice line item has already been adjusted once, the "New Adjustment" button is now located on the Adjustments tab.
  5. Enter the Adjustment date, New transaction amount (the amount can be the same), Adjustment post date, Reason and any applicable Notes.
    Note: If the line item was converted from version 6, you will not be able to adjust the transaction amount. 
  6. Select the GL Distribution tab and enter any new GL distribution for the invoice.
  7. Save and close the adjustment. 
  8. The next time Accounts Receivable is posted to General Ledger, two sets of entries will post, reversing the original entries and posting the adjusted entries.
Note: All transactions created by the adjustment will post to the adjustment post date.

Note: If you only need to change the post date of a posted line item, you can delete the line item and recreate it.