1. Open the invoice and select the Distribution tab
  2. In the field above the distribution grid, select Distribution from the drop-down menu
  3. In the DR Account Number column, manually enter the debit accounts for the distribution. Click on the small binoculars to search for an account segment or use the large binoculars to search for an account number.

    Note: In the DR Account Number column, the default debit accounts that appears are from the vendor record. You could also click Load Distribution to use default account distributions. To use an account distribution defined in Configuration, select From Table. To use the default accounts from the vendor record, select From Vendor.

    Note: Loading a distribution will overwrite existing lines of distribution on the GL distribution tab, so if you wish to also add accounts manually, load the distribution first and then add any additional accounts as needed.

  4. Define the appropriate distribution by amount or percent
  5. Enter any other applicable information in the available fields for that row
  6. Repeat these steps for all Expense Account to which the invoice should be distributed
  7. Click Save and Close