Administrative Tasks will not show if:
  •     The user does not have appropriate rights
  •     Entered Banks while in a product other than Accounts Payable or Payroll
  •     Incorrect or no bank account selected
  •     A Cash account is not defined on bank
  •     The Cash account is marked as Inactive-Prevent Data Entry and Posting.
  •     The bank is not marked to allow checks
Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved: 

1. Ensure the user has appropriate security rights to Banks.
2. To print Accounts Payable checks, select Accounts Payable from the menu bar, to print Payroll checks, select Payroll from the menu bar.
3. Click Banks on the navigation bar.
4. Select the appropriate bank account from the Select a bank account drop-down menu.
5. Click Edit account details under General Tasks.
6. On the Bank tab, define the cash account(s) to use with this bank account
      Note: Make sure the cash account defined on the bank is an active account.
7. Select the Payments tab and mark the Allow? checkbox for all applicable payment types.
8. Select File, Save to save the changes to the bank account.