Job Position is located on the job record and indicates the type of work the volunteer will be assigned to do. Job Position is utilized in search screens and as the selection criteria in reports.

Job Assignment Position is located on the Job Assignment of the constituent record and indicates the specific job title. Job Assignment Position defaults to the Job Position entered on the job record, but it can be modified.

Both fields can contain a maximum of 50 characters.

To locate the Job Position and Job Assignment Position tables:

1. Go go Config > Tables
2. Make sure Show: is set to <All.
3. The tables appear as Job Position and Job Assignment Position

NOTE: These fields are not listed when Show: is set to Volunteer as they are not true Volunteer tables.  While they take on table characteristics when Lookup is marked in Config > Fields, they are not considered Volunteer tables in the backend of the database. They are user-defined tables.