Edit the query criteria to include both records in the query. To determine why the head of household spouse is being excluded and how to edit the query criteria, review the missing spouse's constituent record.

One way of including the constituent is to manually select it using the following filter using the OR operator:

    OR Constituent Information > Specific Record equals (or one of) [the constituent(s)]

    Note: Click the binoculars button to browse for and select the constituent(s)

    For example, the query criteria is Constituency > Constituency Code equals Board Member. Jane Smith is a board member and is selected in the query. Her husband, Joseph, is not a board member and is not selected in the query. Joseph is marked as the head of household. The criteria needs to remain Constituency >Constituency Code equals Board Member, but you also want to include Joseph in the query. Do this by adding Specific Record criteria to the query.

    The resulting query criteria is:
    Constituency > Constituency Code equals Board Member
    OR Constituent Information > Specific Record equals Joseph Smith

    In order to include those who are not linked to a spouse, we will need to edit the criteria with the following:

    (Relationships > Individuals > This Individual is The Head of Household equals No
    AND Relationships > Individuals > This Individual is The Spouse equals Yes) 
    OR Spouse > Spouse Information > Import ID blank

    For more information on head of household processing, refer to How to use Head of Household processing.