1.       Create NetMembers pages for each of the membership categories constituents can purchase online

2.       At regular intervals, download membership transactions

3.       On the Import Membership Wizard screen, place the cursor in the RE Membership column and press F7
4.       On the Link Membership Information screen, if a new membership should not be created, select 'Yes, add a new transaction to an existing membership for [Constituent Name]'
5.       In the grid of the constituent's memberships, mark the checkbox in the Select column of the appropriate row. If the constituent purchased a membership category that qualifies as an upgrade or a downgrade for the category you marked, the New Transaction type drop-down appears below the grid.
6.       In the New Transaction type drop-down, select Upgrade or Downgrade
7.       If appropriate, edit the renewed on and Expires date
8.       Click OK
9.       On the Import Membership Wizard screen, complete the import process
Note:  By design, Membership Downgrade or Upgrade Date automatically defaults to the Membership Expiration date.  The reason for this is that all information from the previous transaction (ie - what it was before the downgrade, or upgrade) will default in, with the exception of the Membership Category. Any new or updated information will need to be changed manually. This is so no existing information is overwritten...it is more difficult to correct overwritten data and get it back than it is to enter the current date into the 'Renewed On' field.