The date the vendor drafted the money from the bank account should be the agreed upon due date, which is listed on the invoice.  The payment date selected on Create Payments does not necessarily equal the Due Date from the invoice.  Therefore, the system pulls the Invoice due date onto the bank draft as the payment date.
  • If there is only one scheduled payment:

    The Bank Draft uses the Due Date listed on the invoice (which is also the Scheduled date of the one payment listed on the Payments/Credits tab). In version 7.1, it used the payment date on Create Payments.

  • If multiple payments are scheduled for an invoice:

    Bank Draft date pulls the oldest original scheduled pay date from all invoices on the bank draft. This would be the due date of the invoice when it was originally entered.

    If you have edited the due date of the invoice, and the bank draft date is still incorrect:
    1. Open the invoice and select the Payments/Credits tab.
    2. Open the scheduled payment.
    3. Edit the Scheduled date in the grid.
    4. Save and close the invoice.
    5. Re create the bank draft.