Consolidation Management allow the consolidation of data between multiple organizations while maintaining separate books for operating and tax purposes.

With Consolidation Management, consolidated reports can be prepared without having to manually export and combine data using third-party database or spreadsheet software. Transaction activity is exported from all subsidiary products (even those with different currencies and account structures) and imported into a separate, consolidation database. Financial reports and dashboard views of subsidiary activity are then produced within The Financial Edge.


To create consolidated financial statements:

    • Define a default currency and default accounts for your consolidation database.
    • Create an account structure export file.
    • Create a consolidation map for each subsidiary database.
    • Define currency exchange rates for subsidiary databases with activity in multiple currencies.
    • Create an account activity export file for each subsidiary database.
    • Import the account activity export files into the consolidation database.
    • Generate reports from the consolidation database.

    For detailed instructions on using Consolidation Management, refer to the Consolidation Management Guide (PDF).

    For information on purchasing Consolidation Management, contact your Account Representative