1. On the Grades page, click Enter grades by student.
  2. Search for and select a student.
  3. In the Display field, select "Grades and Other Courses" or "Other Courses".
  4. Click Add Other Course on the action bar.

Add Other Course

  1. In the Category field on the Open screen, select Transfer or Standard.

Category field

  1. As appropriate, use other fields to filter the course list, such as Department and Grade level.
  2. Click Find Now.
  3. Select a course and click Open to return to the Enter grades by student screen.
  4. Click in the Teacher/School column to view the binoculars.
  5. Click the binoculars to select an organization on the Open screen.
  6. Enter the appropriate grades and comments for the course.
  7. Select File, Save from the menu bar.
  8. Select the course row, right-click, and select Details for student.
  9. On the Details screen, select the Skills tab.
  10. Enter skill ratings.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Select File, Save and Close from the menu bar.

Note: To add an other course to a student record, the student must have a student progression entry for the academic year. For more information review:

  • How to add a student progression (BB136344)
  • How to globally add student progression entries (BB136706)
  • How to import student progression entries (BB143564)