1. Create a constituent query

a.  Add a criteria for Gifts, Gift Date with the specific date or date range
b.  Add a criteria to include the appropriate campaign, fund and/or appeal by selecting Gifts, Campaigns, Campaign ID and/or Gifts, Funds, Fund ID and/or Gifts, Appeals, Appeal ID
c.  Save the query

2. Create a constituent export
3. On the General tab, select Include, Selected Records
4. Include the query created in step 1.
5. On the Output tab, select Gifts, Gift Amount
6. On the Gift Criteria parameters screen that appears:

  1. On the General Tab, enter the number of Gifts to export for each Constituent
  2. On the General Tab, select Specific range and enter the desired date or date range (Note: this should match the date or date range used in the Query)
  3. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate campaign, fund, and/or appeal (Note: these should match the selections used in the Query)
7. On the Output tab, select Gifts, Gift Type