Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Verify the batch does not exist in Journal Entry and that the activity is not showing on reports or the account record.
  2. Run the Preposting report again to verify the transactions are available to post.
  3. Post the batch. Note: As long as the transactions do not exist in General Ledger, this will not create duplicate activity.

    Note: If posting from The Raiser's Edge, it is possible that the General Ledger was restored to the previous night's backup from before the transactions were posted, or that the post file was not imported in the General Ledger.  If the transactions are listed as posted in The Raiser's Edge, manual journal entries will have to be created to post the Gifts to General Ledger.  If they are unposted, search for the Raiser's Edge post file.