On the Gift Types tab of the report:

    1. Unmark the Exclude zero amount gifts checkbox if reporting on pledges that are paid or written off.
    2. Mark the Include outstanding pledges only checkbox if reporting only on pledges that are not fully paid.
    3. If reporting on the pledge as of a specific date and filtering on campaigns, funds, or appeals, mark the Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund or appeal checkbox.

    If filtering on specific funds, campaigns, or appeals
    1. Export pledge payments and their gift links and add fund (or campaign, or appeal) information as needed to the fields to include in the import file
    2. Sort by the GF link field in the .csv document created
    3. Make sure all pay-cash items applied to the pledge fall into the fund (or campaign, or appeal) being filtered on
    4. Edit or adjust the pay-cash gift(s) that were entered to the wrong fund, campaign, or appeal