Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Open a record for which the address does not print
  2. Select the Addresses tab
  3. Enter an address if no address exists or open the existing address that is not printing. If address should be shared with another record, link the addresses between the student/applicant and the individual
  4. On the General tab, mark the Synchronize with individual address fields checkbox
  5. On the Details tab, verify that if dates are entered in the Valid from fields, the dates matches the criteria entered in the As of field on the Address tab of the mailing parameters
  6. On the Attributes tab of the address, select All Mail from the the Send drop-down menu or verify that the type of mail selected, matches the criteria entered on the Address tab of the mailing parameters
  7. Verify that the Synchronize individual address fields checkbox is marked
  8. Click Save and Close
  9. Reprint the mailing
If the address should not be printing, and the record should not be included in the labels, follow these steps:
  1. Open the record for which the address should not print
  2. Click on the Addresses button on the Bio 1 tab
  3. Unmark the Synchronize with Individual Address Fields checkbox
  4. Remove the address as it will be printed from the box (it should be editable now)
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Reprint the mailing