1. Open the appropriate constituent record
2. Select the Volunteer tab
3. In the left frame, select the area you wish to use
4. When finished entering information, click Save and Close

Enter the volunteer type, the beginning and ending date of a constituent's volunteer service, an emergency contact, and if the volunteer has a personal vehicle available for volunteer use.  These are the skills, experience, courses, and training a volunteer must have to qualify, or be accepted, as a volunteer for the jobs at your organization.

These are the skills, experience, courses, and training a volunteer must have to qualify, or be accepted, as a volunteer for the jobs at your organization.

Medical / Special Needs: 
Enter the Description, Date, and Comments for a volunteer's medical or special needs. For example, your organization requires a volunteer to have a TB test and a tetanus shot before he can work with your organization. Track the names of the immunization and test, the date the immunization and test were administered, and any comments you have concerning either procedure.

Availability and Interests: 
Enter the days, dates, and times that a volunteer is able to work. Also, enter any special interests of the volunteer to help match the volunteer to the appropriate job. For example, working with children.

Job Assignments:
Find jobs in your database and assign them to a volunteer from the Volunteer tab of his constituent record. Each job assignment lists in the Job Assignments grid on the Volunteer tab of the constituent record and on the Volunteers tab of the job record itself. This allows you to track present and past job assignments in both places.

Time Sheets:
Enter the job, date of the job, department, position, and location of volunteer assignments.

Many organizations award volunteers for their loyal commitment and service. On the Volunteer tab of each volunteer's constituent record, you can build a history of service by tracking awards given to the volunteer. Each award appears in the Awards grid. You can also designate the next award for which the volunteer is tentatively scheduled and enter any comments you have concerning the next award.

Mandate Info:
A mandate is an official order from a court or public agency requiring that an individual serve some type of volunteer duty. Track information such as the date the volunteer starts his mandate service, how many hours he was ordered to serve, the date the volunteer fulfills the order, the agency's name who ordered the mandate, and the person at the agency to contact with questions or concerns about the volunteer or the mandate. Mark the Apply time sheet toward required mandate hours checkbox on each of the volunteer's time sheets to automatically keeps track of how many hours the mandated volunteer has served.

Checklists are the to do lists assigned to the volunteers and contains the individual items you require a volunteer to complete before he can start a job. Enter each Checklist Item with the Date Requested and the Date Completed. If sending a thank you, enter the letter. Also enter any appropriate comments.

View information for a specific constituent's volunteer history. For example, in the Assignments grid, view a volunteer's first and latest job assignments. In the Hours Breakdown grid, view all hours worked by a volunteer. In the Hours Breakdown field above the grid, select how to view the hours broken down: by Volunteer Year, Job, Department, or Location.

For complete instructions, refer to the Volunteers & Jobs Data Entry Guide (PDF).