To fully track the success of an appeal, we recommend you follow the entire appeal process:
  1. Create an appeal record.To track expenses associated with the appeal, add them to the Attributes/Expenses tab
  2. Add the appeal to the records of the constituents who received it.  You can do this either through Globally Add Records or directly from Mail using the Segment tab.
  3. Once you begin receiving gifts as a result of your appeal, add the gifts and enter the appropriate appeal on the gift record.  This will update the Amount given column on the Appeals tab of the constituent record.
  4. If you are sending follow-up letters for non-donors, create a query of constituents who received the appeal but have not given.
  5. To track the overall success of the appeal or to compare it with previous appeals, run the Appeal Performance Analysis report. This report includes columns that display constituent response rates, total raised, the total cost of the appeal, average gift size, average gift per donor, cost per gift and per donor, and amount over or under goal for the appeal.
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