Import can be used to add skills to many course records at one time:
  1. To export the information needed for the import, open Export and export the Course Import ID and Grading Information Import ID for each applicable course record
  2. Create the import file with these required fields
    • Course Import ID
    • Grading Information Import ID
    • Skill
    • Category
    • Marking Column

    Note: Include as many instances of Marking Column as needed to mark all applicable marking columns. For example, if awarding a rating for the skill Effort in Semester 1 and Semester 2, include two columns for Marking Column in the import file. If awarding a rating for the skill in Trimester 1, Trimester 2, and Trimester 3, include three columns. If skills are associated with categories in Configuration>Registrars Setup, he category will need to be added to the import file.

  3. In Administration, click Import records
  4. Select the import type Courses / Grading information
  5. Select to update existing records
  6. Select Grading Information Import ID as the field used to match records
  7. On the Fields tab, map the fields appropriately