Use the Grade Entry Sheet in Reports to print a list of students missing marking column grades or skill ratings:
  1. On the Reports page, click Grade Reports
  2. Select an existing Grade Entry Sheet or create a new one
  3. On the General tab, select the school, academic year, and session to include
  4. In the Report by field, select Student, Teacher, or Class
  5. Select the marking columns to include
  6. Mark the Include only those students with missing entries checkbox
  7. On the Filters tab, you can further filter the students, teachers, and courses to include
  8. In the Detail section in the Format tab, mark the Display existing entries checkbox

    Display existing entries checkbox

  9. To also include students with missing skill ratings, mark the Include skills checkbox
  10. Select an entry in the Skills sort order field: Alphabetical, Course Order, or Display Name
  11. You can also mark the Wrap skills and Include skill rating legends checkboxes
  12. In the Sort section on the Format tab, you can mark the Page break checkbox. For example, when running the report by student, you can select to have a page break after each student's information.