Error: Path/File access error when printing custom reports

When previewing or printing a custom report, users are reporting that they receive a path/file access error.
Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved: If that does not resolve the issue, follow these steps to update the export and report.

1.    On the Custom Report window, click the “Edit Export” button (the second button on the Select Export line)
2.    Click Export Now and note the name of the .MDB file and where it is being saved
3.    Click Save
4.    Once the export is finished, click Save and Close
5.    Open the report .RPT file is Crystal Reports
6.    Go to Database > Set Data Source Location
7.    Verify that the same .MDB file and file path is showing in the “Current Data Source” box at the top.
8.    If it’s not, in the “Replace With” box at the bottom, expand on Create New Connection > Database Files
9.    Browse for the correct .MDB file and open it
10.    Highlight this new file and click Update on the right
11.    Click Close
12.    Save the changes to the report and close out of Crystal Reports


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