1. In Records> Courses, Click Add a New Course.
  2. On the Course tab, in the Course category field you can select Standard, Transfer Course or Mandatory:
    Note: Once you save a course record, you cannot change the category.
    • To use the course with student requests, scheduling, grading, and attendance, select Standard. 
    • If students take the course at another school, such as a local college, select Transfer Course.
      • The Restrictions 1, Restrictions 2, Resources, Rules, Billing, Students, and Classes tabs do not appear on Transfer courses.
      • Transfer courses are not available in Scheduling.
      • You can enter grades for Transfer courses in Grades on the Enter grades by student screen using the Add Other Course option (BB145268).
    • To indicate the course is required of all students in a specific grade, select Mandatory.
    • On the Restrictions 1 tab, you set the course limits and define the grade levels required to take the course.
    • On the Restrictions 2 tab, you set academic year/session-specific restrictions and can select to track attendance for classes of the Mandatory course.
    • On the Grading tab, you define grading information for each academic year/session.
    • Because you can assign scheduling rules only to Standard courses, the Rules tab does not appear on Mandatory courses.
    • The program automatically generates requests for Mandatory courses in Scheduling and includes Mandatory courses when considering term limits.