You can export information from the Export, Import (Administration), Query, and Reports modules.

When to use each:

  • Export: Use this module to export detailed information about records in row format. It can be opened in a spreadsheet such as Excel or used to import information into other programs or to update information in your Blackbaud program.
  • Import (Administration Module): Use Import to export the required fields needed so the information can be updated and re-imported into the program to easily update the database. Use this option over Export if you are unfamiliar with the import process and are unsure of how to create the import data file. This option is not available with Accounting for Nonprofits and Education Administration.
  • Query: Use this module only when you are unable to export the correct information from the Export module. We do not recommend exporting from the Query module for reporting purposes because Query is a grouping tool, not a reporting tool. Although a record may be included in a query only once, it could display in the results several times based on your query criteria and output. For more information, refer to Why are there duplicates in the query results and how to remove them.
  • Reports: Use this module to export formatted reports. This is useful when wanting to make minor edits to the report. Note: The report may not retain all formatting because it is being exported into a non-report writing software program. For more information, refer to Report formatting does not export correctly.

Note: In Accounting for Nonprofits, there is not a separate Export module and Query module. It is one module called 'Query and Export'.

For more information, also refer to What is the difference between Query and Export?.

Export Module


Import (Administration Module)

Note: This option is not available in Accounting for Nonprofits or Admissions and Registrar's Office 6.

Query Module

Reports Module