Add the ID numbers to these records manually or through Import

  1. Export the required fields:
    1. In Export, create a student, applicant, faculty, organization or individual export
    2. Select a Comma-separated values format
    3. Unmark the Include headers checkbox
    4. On the Filters tab, choose Selected for students
    5. Select the Query option and click the binoculars
    6. Click Add a New Query
    7. On the Criteria tab, expand Student and select Student ID (or Applicant, Applicant ID, or Individual, Individual ID etc.)
    8. Select an Operator of Blank
    9. Save and close the query and click OK
    10. Select the Output tab and expand Student and select Import ID, First Name and Last Name

      Note: Do not select the Student Name field
    11. Save the export parameters
    12. Export the information

  2. Add the ID numbers:
    1. Browse out to the exported file and open it
    2. Add an ID for each record in the first free column

    3. Save the CSV file

  3. Import the updated information:
    1. In Administration, click Import
    2. Create a new student, applicant, Faculty, or Individual import
    3. Select the Update existing records option
    4. Browse to the CSV file in the Import file field
    5. Select Student Import ID (or Applicant Import ID, Individual Import ID, or Faculty Import ID) as the field to use to match records
    6. Select the File Layout tab and and select the Import File does not contain field names option
    7. Select the Fields tab and map the fields (using the same order they were selected in the export above)
    8. Save the import parameters and click Import Now

    For more information, refer to: