If attendance will not be taken:
  1. In Configuration>Registrar Setup> Timetables, open the Timetable that is being used by your current school and session. Create a period for the days and times during which students should be available for the common period (i.e. weekly assemblies, chapel, or other regularly scheduled school meetings)
  2. Restrict access to this period in all scheduling patterns (BB134808), so that classes cannot be scheduled

If attendance will be taken:
  1. Create a Mandatory course (BB143242)
  2. Create a scheduling pattern (BB134808)  that will be used only for this course. To ensure that students can be enrolled in other classes, make sure that no other course uses a pattern that includes the times/periods defined for the mandatory course.
    Note: Generate Student Schedules does not create student scheduling conflicts and always enrolls students in Mandatory courses before other courses. If any other course uses the same times/periods as the classes created for the Mandatory course, it will not be possible for students to be enrolled in classes of that other course.
  3. Schedule students for this course.

For more information, refer to the Scheduling Guide(PDF) for The Education Edge or Blackbaud Student Information System