In Mail - Labels and Envelopes, select the Format tab to set rules for the label's format.

Format tab

  1. In the Detail section, mark the following checkboxes for bulk mailings:
    • Omit punctuation from mailing Mark this checkbox to print addresses without punctuation.
    • Print address in ALL CAPS Mark this checkbox to print the address in all capital letters.
  2. Use the following options to determine the placement of the text:
    • Number of lines to skip before printing the first line Mark this checkbox to leave space before the first row of text on the labels.
    • Number of spaces to include before each line To leave space at the beginning of each line on the labels, enter a number in the row.
  3. To include additional text on the label:
    • Include message on the same line as [ ] To print a message before a selected field on the same line, select a field in this row. The available fields are those selected on the Fields to Include tab. You define the message to print by selecting the User-defined message field on the Fields to Include tab and entering the message on the Field Options screen that appears.