Note: Incorrect changes to registry settings can cause serious system problems that may be irreversible without reinstallation of the operating system. You must back up your registry before making any registry changes. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect use of the Registry Editor.

    • Have all users Exit and Sign Out
    • Open the Blackbaud Management Console
    • Under Installed Products, [product name], Databases, highlight the live database
    • In the Properties section to the right, edit the Description field

      Note: The sample database's description cannot be renamed for The Financial Edge or The Education Edge.
    • Close the Blackbaud Management Console and log into the program to verify the change is correct

    If the description is still incorrect, try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

      • Repair the Deploy Kit at the server
      • Manually update the workstation by running Setup.exe from the Deploy package on the server
      • Edit the Registry
      • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge\7.0 (for The Raiser's Edge)


        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\7.0 (for The Financial Edge)
      • Modify the InstallSource key (and AFN64IsntallSource if it exists) to point to the shared Deploy folder name instead of the actual directory path
      • Exit the Registry
      • Reboot the workstation