You can run the Class Report to list classes that have been created for the selected school, academic year, session, and term with information for each class and a list of the students enrolled in each class.
  1. On the Reports page>click Course/Class Reports
  2. From the list on the left, select Class Report and click New on the action bar
  3. On the General tab, select the appropriate school, academic year, session, and terms
  4. You can mark the following checkboxes:
    • Include classes without enrollment
    • Include only classes that have changed as of
    • Create an output query of classes
  5. In the Report orientation field, select Portrait or Landscape
  6. Select the appropriate options on the Filters and Columns tabs. For example, include only specific courses and include Course ID and Teacher as columns.
  7. Select the Format tab and select Detail
  8. Mark the Include students enrolled checkbox and mark the checkboxes for the details to include, such as Student Name, Student ID, and Advisor

    Include Students Enrolled

  9. Select Sort/Break and select the appropriate fields in the Sort by column. For example, you can sort by Course ID, Course Name, Class ID, or Teacher.
    Note: When you mark the Break? checkbox for a field, checkboxes are available in the Break Footer section. For example, if you break by Course Name, you can mark the Print Count per Course Name checkbox. If you break by Class ID, you can mark the Print Count by Class ID checkbox.
  10. Select File, Save from the menu bar. Name and save the report.
  11. To preview the report, click Preview. To print it, click Print.