NOTE: If Blackbaud hosts your data, follow BB150404 instead.
    • Ensure that you have no current gifts that need to be Posted to General Ledger. This can be done by running the pre-posting report in Administration, Post to General Ledger.
    • Open Configuration and select General Ledger
    • Create a screen shot of the General Ledger screen to have a record of the settings
    • Remove all settings and unmark the GL is present option
    • Click Administration, Post to General Ledger and post
    • Once the post file is successfully created, go back to Configuration, General Ledger and re-enter the settings from the screen shot

    Note: You can run the General Ledger Audit Report to track gifts posted to General Ledger and then deleted, however, deleted gifts will only show up on the report if the following occurred: Gift is entered, gift is posted to GL, gift is deleted, deleted gift is posted to General Ledger.