Note: On November 21, 2005, PayPal completed its purchase of VeriSign's payment gateway business. PayPal has upgraded all Payflow Gateway accounts to use the newest version of PayPal Manager. If you have questions about your PayPal account, contact PayPal.

    • For organizations in the United States, fax verification (IRS Determination Letter, 501 (C3)) of your organization's nonprofit status to 1.843.216.6104.
    • Set up an Internet Merchant Account.
    • Set up a PayPal account (if you haven't already).
    • Register NetSolutions. After we receive your registration information and IRS Determination Letter (US organizations only), we will activate your NetSolutions account.
    • Enter your login information for NetSolutions.
    • After you receive email notification that your NetSolutions account has been activated, customize your online giving page(s).
    • Add your donation button to your website.

    Additional Information: