You can print letters for relations using a Student export. To use the same Word merge letter template for divorced and married parents, add a second page to the template. Note: To ensure only one letter prints for married parents, mark the Include only one record per spouse pair checkbox on the General tab of the Relationships screen

Adding a Second Page to the Merge Letter Template

  1. On the export screen, select Edit Word Merge File on the action bar.  
  2. On the blank letter, click Insert Education Edge field, and select each student field to include in the letter.
    Note: Do not insert relation fields at this time.  
  3. Add the body of the letter.  
  4. Select all the letter text, including the student merge fields, and select click Edit, Copy from the menu bar.  
  5. Select Insert, Break from the menu bar.  
  6. On the Break screen, mark Page, and click OK.  
  7. Select Edit, Paste from the menu bar.  
  8. Note that you now have a two-page merge template. To confirm there are two separate pages, select File, Print Preview from the menu bar. Access the second page by pressing Page Down on your keyboard. Click Close to exit Print Preview.  
  9. On the first page of the template, click Insert Education Edge Field, and insert fields for Relationships # 1.  
  10. On the second page, click Insert Education Edge Field, and insert fields for Relationships # 2.  
  11. Click Save and return to EE7 to Merge.  
  12. Click Save and Close.  
  13. Name and save the export.  
  14. Click Merge Now.  
  15. The program automatically creates the letter with the relation information for the student. If the student's parents are divorced, you have two letters.. If the student's parents are married, the first letter includes the appropriate information. You can discard the second letter