Error: You must enter The Financial Edge to run database revisions before using this module when logging in for the first time after updating or installing

Error: You must enter The Financial Edge to run database revisions before using this module
  1. Have all users exit and sign out of The Financial Edge.
  2. Browse to the Deploy.ini file, located in the Deploy folder on the server.
  3. Edit the file in Notepad.
  4. Look for the lines for the missing shortcuts (e.g. SBShortcuts=0 for Student Billing or PYSHortcuts for Payroll).
  5. Change the 0 to 1.
  6. Increase the ServerDelta value by 1 (this will force each workstation to detect a change on the server and update its settings).
  7. Save the Deploy.ini file. 
  8. Download the following file(s) for the appropriate product:

    Note: The following files contain Windows shortcuts which point to the default installation directory for the version 6 products. If you installed to another directory you must manually edit the shortcuts to point to the appropriate directory. The default Unzip to folder is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs. If your Programs menu is on another drive, change this path on the unzip screen prior to clicking Unzip. These files must be installed for each workstation that requires the version 6 shortcuts.

  9. Double-click the downloaded file and click Unzip to extract the shortcut files to the default location.
  10. Log into The Financial Edge from the server.
  11. Log into each workstation to update the workstation settings.
  12. Create links to Blackbaud Systems from within The Financial Edge on each workstation.
  13. If the issue is not resolved after completing Steps 1-12 above, then uninstall The Financial Edge (and if applicable, uninstall Accounting for Non-Profits), use a registry cleaner and re-install The Financial Edge.


 6.42.512/7.70.638.0009 combined build

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