Check the following items until the invoice appears for payment:

  1. On the Banks page, verify the correct bank is selected.
  2. Verify the Invoice due date on or before date is on or before the invoice due date.
  3. Select the Filters tab and verify that there are no filters that would exclude the invoice(s) in question.
  4. Open the vendor's record and verify the Status is not On Hold.
  5. Open the invoice in question.
    • Verify the Hold payment checkbox is unmarked
    • Verify the Payment method is correct
    • Verify the Date due falls on or before the date chosen when paying checks
    • Verify the invoice Status is Approved (if requiring approval before payment)
    • Change the status of the invoice from Pending to Approved
  6. Select the Payments/Credits tab and verify:
    • The invoice has not already been paid, either by a printed check, recorded manual check, or credit memo.
    • The bank account selected as the 'Payments from bank account' is the same bank from which the invoice is to be paid.
  7. In Banks, Edit account details and select the Payments tab. Verify that the payment method checkbox on the invoice is marked Allow in the bank details.
  8. Verify the Pay? checkbox is marked on the Invoice tab of Print checks and record bank drafts.
  9. Exit and sign out and then log back in.