1. Create an import file (BB102268) including the following fields:
    • Current School
    • Current Grade
    • School Enrolled
    • Current Status
    • Last Name
    • Student Address Import ID (Please refer to What is the Phone Address Import ID and how to find it for steps on how to export this field)
    • Address Line 1(Address Address Line 1)
    • City (Address General City)
    • State (Address General State/Province)
    • Zip Code (Address General Zip/Postal Code)
    • Student Address Import ID
    • Contact Type
    • Contact Number

    Repeat the Student Address Import ID, Contact Type, and Contact Number fields for each phone number to be imported. The Student Address Import ID values will be the same for each phone number.

    Note: Be sure to place the fields in the order shown above.
  2. Enter the information to be imported and save and close the import file
  3. In Administration, click Import
  4. Highlight Student and click New Import
  5. Select the Import new records option
  6. In the Import file field, enter the path of the Import file created in step one
  7. Complete the remaining fields on the General and File Layout tabs
  8. Select the Fields tab and define the fields in the import file (if using a saved parameter file from the create import file process the fields will already be defined as needed), click Next
  9. Mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported option to create a file of records that could not be created/updated. This option allows you to modify the records causing an exception and import them separately.
  10. Mark the create control report option
  11. Click Save and enter an appropriate name
  12. Click Import Now to begin the import process
  13. Review the control report once the process is complete
  14. For more information, refer to How to import into the Education Edge - The Basics of Importing (BB135422)