1. Open Reports and click Invoice Reports or Transaction Reports
  2. Create a new Account Distribution Report
  3. On the General tab, enter the appropriate report format and date range to include on the report
  4. Select the the Filters tab
  5. Select Accounts or Projects and choose Selected
  6. Filter on the account(s) or project(s) to include in the report.

    If you mark the Selected or Range options, a grid appears in which you can specify individual filters. (click the binoculars button to search for specific accounts or projects). If you select Query, click the binoculars button to search for the query on which to base the report or click Add a New Query.

    For example, you can filter on a specific account code.
  7. To show a grand total for the selected accounts or projects:
    1. Select the Format tab
    2. Select Grand totals
    3. Mark the Show distribution for these characteristics checkbox
    4. Mark the Project ID (or Class if not using projects) checkbox