Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure the correct query is selected on the General tab. Also, ensure it is the correct query type. For example, a constituent query will include all gifts for the constituent not just those gifts that meet the query criteria. To select only gifts that meet the query criteria, use a gift query instead.

    • Correct the gift type selected for the column:

      1. Open the report

      • Select the Gift Types tab and click on Report column in the upper right corner of the tab

      • Select the column showing the incorrect gifts and remove the incorrect gift type from the column

      • Repeat for each incorrect column

      For example, if pledges are showing up in the Cash column:

        • Open the report

        • Select the Gift Types tab

        • Select the Cash column and remove the pledges from the Gift Types to Include

        Note: To prevent gifts from showing twice on the report, ensure that gift types are listed in only one column. For example, if stocks appear twice, check each column on the Gift Types tab and remove stocks from all columns but one.