There are a number of break commands (page, column, section) in Microsoft Word that can cause a document to skip to a new page or create a space between the end of one merge document and the beginning of the next. These are examples of formatting options in Word. Formatting marks are by default hidden in Word. To be able to remove the breaks or any other formatting that is causing an issue, first turn on the option to Show formatting marks:

1. Edit the merge document.
2. From the Word menu bar, select Tools, click Options, and then click the View tab.
3. Under Formatting marks, select the All check box instead. NOTE: This will show all formatting marks including spaces and carriage returns.
4. Look for the breaks. They are listed by their name (i.e. page break, section break, etc.) and will look something like this:

----------------------------Page Break--------------------------------

Once you identify the break, highlight the entire break (surrounding characters included) and delete it.
5. Follow the above steps to discontinue viewing all formatting marks
6. Click Save and Return to RE7
7. Complete the remaining steps in the Word merge wizard.