1. Create a Participant query
  2. On the Criteria tab, choose to filter on:
    Event Name equals [event name]
    AND Participants, Participant Type equals Sponsor
  3. Save and close the Query
  4. Go to Export
  5. Create a Participant Export
  6. On the General tab, click the Include button and choose Selected Records
  7. Select the Query created in Step 1, and click OK
  8. Mark the applicable checkboxes on the General tab
  9. Click the Output Tab and select the following information:
    Constituent, Constituent Information, Organization name
    Constituent, Relationships, Contacts, Name
    Note: When prompted 'For each Constituent, enter the number of contacts to export', choose to export the appropriate Contacts from the Organization Constituent record. This will pull the contacts directly from the Organization Constituent record, not the Organization Sponsor Participant record
    Address, Preferred Address, Address Block
    Note: This will pull over all address fields
    Sponsorship list, Name
  10. Click Export Now to begin the Export