Check the following items in the order they appear:
  1. Verify the post parameter filters are correct:
  • After clicking Post to General Ledger, select the Gifts tab
  • Click Include and verify that the gifts are not being filtered out by a query
  • Verify the date filters include the gifts in question
  • Verify the fund filters at the bottom include the fund the gifts are in
       2.    Verify the fund has a GL Distribution defined for the gift type:
  • Open the gift record
  • Note the fund, gift type, and gift subtype
  • Open the corresponding fund record
  • Select the GL Distribution tab
  • Add the debit and credit account numbers for the appropriate gift type and subtype
      3. Verify the gift post status is Not Posted
  • Open the gift record and click on the miscellaneous tab
  • Ensure the Post Status is Not Posted
     4. Open the fiscal year in General Ledger Configuration and verify the accounting period being posted to is open.
  • If the accounting period is not open, either re-open the accounting period or change the gift post date to fall within an open accounting period.
  • The gift date may or may not need to be changed, depending on your office's requirements.