Note: Incorrect changes to registry settings can cause serious system problems that may be irreversible without reinstallation of the operating system. You must back up your registry before making any registry changes. We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect use of the Registry Editor.

The Financial Edge has updated successfully and does not contain the modules for the Education Edge.  Only the Desktop Icon and Title Bar has changed.  This does not affect program functionality or the database.  
To correct the name in the title bar:

  1. Open the Registry
  3. Highlight FE7Install
  4. Right-click on the EE folder and select Modify
  5. Change the Value to 0 to show The Financial Edge during logon or change the Value to 1 to show The Education Edge during the logon
  6. Also under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blackbaud, expand Blackbaud Management Console_NET folder, and highlight the General folder
  7. Right-click on the FEName folder and select Modify
  8. Change the Value to True for The Financial Edge to show or change the Value to False for The Education Edge to show
  9. Select File, Exit to close the Registry

To change the name of the Desktop Icon:

  1. Right-click on the Icon and select Rename
  2. Change the Icon name to The Financial Edge or The Education Edge as desired
    Download and install the update from the web site again