You can define session records within an academic year for the time frames comprising the academic year, such as Regular Session and Summer Session.

To add a new session:

1. From the Configuration page, click Academic Years
2. Open the appropriate academic year
3. On the General tab of the academic year, click New Session
4. Select an existing name or enter a new name for the session. If you enter a new session name, a message appears asking if you want to add it to the Session table.
5. In the Marking columns field, select the marking column set to associate with the session.
6. In the Timetable field, select the timetable to associate with the session. The timetable determines the cycle days of the session.
7. In the Days in session grid, mark the days of the calendar week that classes can meet
8. In the Available patterns box, mark checkboxes for the patterns to associate with the session.
9. On the Terms tab, select or enter the name of the term, enter the first date of the term, the last date that a student can drop a course and the last date of the term.
10. On the Scheduling Calendar tab, filter the calendar by term or date
11. To save the session and return to the academic year record, click OK

For more information about adding sessions and configuring academic years, refer to the Configuration Guide for Registrar's Office (PDF)