1. Consult with a General Ledger user, an accountant, or your auditor to verify that the account is valid.
  2. If the Account number is invalid, enter a valid account number on the Fund:
    1. In Records, click Funds, Open a Fund.
    2. Open the Fund on the Gift that is receiving the error.
    3. Select the GL Distributions tab.
    4. Replace the invalid account number with the appropriate account number.

      Note: If unsure of what account number to add, ask a General Ledger user, an Accountant or your Auditor. For more information, refer to How to enter GL distribution numbers on the fund record.
  3. If it is valid and exists in General Ledger, run the Update Accounts plug-in.
  4. If the account is valid, but does not exist in General Ledger, have a General Ledger user with the appropriate rights add the account number manually.