Table Cleanup for the Counties table is not deleting the table entries

Error: The table entry cannot be deleted because it is in use by one or more records in the program when deleting a county or a country after running the Table Cleanup Wizard on the entry. Occurs when the Table Cleanup for the table is not deleting the table entries and no error occurs when running the Wizard.
Contact Support and reference this article.  and a support analyst will contact you.

Alternative solution:

Make the table entry for the county inactive so that it doesn't appear in the County drop-down menu

Run queries to check the following records:
  • Constituent, All Addresses
  • Relationship, Banks
  • Relationship (Organization & Individual Address)
If the Events module is unlocked:
  • Participant, Addresses
  • Events, Location
  • Events, Guests, Addresses
If the above queries contain no records, check the following:
  • Configuration, Financial Institutions
  • Configuration, General
  • Config, Attributes (Note: Confirm that no attributes are using the Country or County tables)
Please also check the following record: Gift, CURRENCY_COUNTRY" , if you continue to receive error after successfully following aforementioned steps.


 Reported in version 7.61.790

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