Note: The following only applies to gift records in The Raiser's Edge. It's not possible to set the post status of reversals that originate from FE records, such as an Invoice, to do not post.

To prevent a posted gift reversal from affecting the General Ledger accounts, use one of the following methods:

  • Post the gifts and delete the journal entry row:
    1. In The Raiser's Edge, post all gifts from The Raiser's Edge, including the reversals, to the General Ledger. Posting the gifts from The Raiser's Edge creates a new, open journal entry batch in General Ledger, which does not yet affect the actual account activity.
    2. In General Ledger, click Journal Entry and open the batch created from The Raiser's Edge
    3. Delete the appropriate journal entry rows
    4. Post the journal entry batch
  • Post the reversals to an export file:
    1. In The Raiser's Edge, click Administration, Post to General Ledger
    2. Select the Post gifts to the Financial Edge option
    3. Unmark the Post to the Financial Edge checkbox, leaving the Create an export file marked. Note the location and name of the export file.
    4. Verify the remaining post parameters are correct and click Post Now. This posts the gifts to an export file and marks them as Posted, effectively removing them from the actual post to General Ledger.
      Note: This will also post any regular gifts with a status of Not Posted. Depending on what was waiting to be posted, you may need to change the regular gifts' statuses to Do Not Post first, post the reversals only, and then change the regular gifts' statuses back to Not Posted.

Note: To prevent gifts from posting, follow the steps on How to prevent gifts from posting to the general ledger.