1. In Export, create a new Applicant or Student export
  2. On the Filters tab, filter on the applicants or students to be included in the export
  3. On the Output tab, select the addressee/salutation to export:
    • To export the Primary Addressee or Salutation:
      1. Expand Relationships, Person Relation

      2. Select Primary Addressee and/or Primary Salutation

    • To export an Addressee or Salutation other than primary:
      1. Expand Relationships, Person Relation, Secondary Addressees/Salutations

      2. Select the Addressee/Salutation field to include in the export

      3. Select Addressee/Salutation type

  4. On the General tab of the Relationships screen, enter the number of relationships to export

    General tab of the Relationships screen
  5. In the Include these relationships frame, you can select Yes or No in the following fields:
    • Emergency contact
    • Lives with
    • Show on transcripts
    • Receives report card

  6. In the Relationship type field, you can select Personal or Contact
  7. You can mark the following checkboxes:
    • Include deceased relations?
    • Include only one record per spouse pair?

  8. In the Order by field, select the field by which to sort the Relationships in the export
  9. Select the Filters tab and choose Selected for Relationship types
  10. Select the Relationship Types to include
  11. Click OK, OK
  12. Click Export now