When adding tribute gifts, Pay-cash gifts are not included in the totals when viewing the Tribute record. To view the total amount given to the tribute:
  • Go to Records> Open Constituent
  • Open the constituent record for the honor/memorial
  • Select the Honor/Memorial tab and double-click to open the Tribute record Or, select View> Summaries> Honor/Memorial Gift Summary from the menu bar of the constituent record
  • The number of gifts is correct, but the Total amount will not include the pledge payments (Pay-Cash gifts).
  • On the Honor/Memorial tab of the constituent record, highlight any other tributes in the list. The gifts may have been applied to the other tribute, particularly if duplicate tributes were created.
  • Once you have determined which tribute to delete, highlight it and click Delete. Click Yes when prompted to confirm you want to delete the tribute.
  • On the Gifts tab of the constituent record, open the gift that was linked to the deleted tribute.
  • On the Tribute tab of the gift, click New Tribute.
  • On the New Tribute Gift for [Constituent Name] screen in the Honor/Memorial field, click the binoculars and search for and select the honor/memorial constituent.
  • In the Tribute drop-down, select the appropriate tribute.
  • Click Save and Close.
  • Save and close the Gift.
  • Repeat these steps for any other gifts that need to be linked to the correct tribute.