1. Important note:
    Do not define student lunches on timetables in Configuration if you want to record attendance during lunch or you use a rotating pattern and students will not have the same period free each day of the cycle in all terms. In those instances, define lunch as a course and enroll students in classes of the course manually or with Generate Student Schedules. To ensure students get a lunch period, define lunch as a Mandatory course.

  2. Defining lunch on a timetable:
    1. On the Configuration page> click Registrar Setup.  
    2. From the list on the left, select Timetables.  
    3. Open the appropriate timetable.  
    4. Confirm the periods tab is correctly defined.  
    5. Select the Lunch tab.  
    6. In the Lunches will meet field, select "using parts of periods" or "using entire periods".
      Note: You must select the correct option in the Lunches will meet field before entering data in the grid because entering data locks the field.  
    7. If you set up lunches during entire periods, enter the description, period, and grade levels.


      • Entire periods is student-based so it's processed by Generate Student Schedules.

        lunches during entire periods  

      • Generate Student Schedules enrolls students in lunch after it enrolls students in classes. Because the lunch must be possible in the same period each day of the cycle in all terms, it's possible a student will not be scheduled into a lunch.  
      • The lunch appears on the student's schedule when you print the Schedules Report or Schedule List Report  
      • The lunch does not appear in Edit Student Schedules. You do get a prompt if you attempt to select a class section that causes a conflict with lunch.  
      • Do not use "entire periods" to define common periods, such as Chapel and Assembly. Because the Lunch tab is designed only for assigning students a lunch time, the automated scheduler places each student in only one of the periods listed on the Lunch tab. Review How to define common periods.  
    8. If you set up lunches during parts of periods, enter the description, start time, end time, and grade level of each lunch. For example, use this option if classes and lunch are combined so that a teacher sends part of a class to lunch for the first third of the meeting and sends the rest of the class to lunch in the last third of the meeting.


      • Parts of periods is class-based so it's processed by Generate Master Schedule.

        lunches during parts of periods  

      • Lunch is not a separate entity; it is part of the class so students are not enrolled in a specific lunch period. If there are 2 lunches in the period (such as First Lunch and Second Lunch), the teacher must know which students go to which lunch.  
      • To confirm that lunch exists during a class, look in the Lunch field on the Meeting screen of the class record.  
      • To confirm the time that the lunch meets, look at the Lunch tab of the timetable record.