Adding a new user in The Financial Edge can encompass multiple processes, depending on whether you're referring to adding someone to The Financial Edge, FE NXT, Blackbaud Hosting Services, or

Follow the steps below to add a new Financial Edge user based on your needs:
Security for your database is based on the rights you grant or restrict to each security group  and users that are members of  the groups.  You identify the records and functions users access by creating a group and assigning users to that group. When a user logs into a program, the records and functions to which the user has rights are accessible and all other records and functions are unavailable.
  1. In Administration>click Set up system security.
  2. On the action bar>click New User.

New User screen


  1. Enter a User name to appear in the Security tree view. This is the user name used to log into The Financial Edge or The Education Edge.
  2. Enter a Description to further identify the new user. For example: If using an abbreviation for the User name field, this can be the full name and/or the job title.
  3. Enter a password in the Password and Confirm fields. Mark the User can change password checkbox to allow the user to change their own password.
  4. In the User type field, you can select User can only access The Education Edge, User can only access online modules, or User can access The Education Edge and online modules.
  5. Select either the Supervisor rights or Selected group rights option
    • Supervisor rights allows the user complete access to all programs and functions
    • Selected group rights allows you to assign specific security rights by group
  6. If the Selected group rights option is chosen, select the appropriate group the user should be assigned to and click the arrow [>] to add it to the Member of window.
  7. Click Save and Close.

For more information on security, refer to: